"Lady Noctis is a petite creative model with big ambitions of exploring the world through the eyes of art."

I am an illustrator and aspiring model; currently completed a BA(hons) General Illustration in Swansea. I have always been an artist of illustrative contradictions, I can be found using a bright palette which is a contrast to my quirky style and dark subject matters.

My art can be described as Pop Surrealism, seductive with an air of melancholy. I am highly inspired by the Victorian era, the emotions of one's individual state, dark romanticism and all things timeless. I also like to explore and develop different subject matters and mediums as it enables me to grow and develop as an artist. My work exists in a sensually esoteric realm yet at the same time possesses a sense of accessibility that draws the observer to them.

For commission work please contact me directly at linfo@ladynoctis.co.uk